Have 1300 numbers worked in Australia before?

1300 4 WASTE

Based in Queensland, 4 Waste Removals Pty had been operating barely above break even point until they decided to invest in a 1300 Australia number.

Along with a cost effective re branding of their vehicles and uniform, the phone word application was a success and drove them from being  a minor player to one of the fastest growing removal businesses in south east Queensland.

1300 Magician

Based in Victoria, this company initially found it hard to capture new target customers, as its selling point were simply not enough to ensure the audience were captivated enough to recall a phone number.

Through an extremely cost effective implementation of phone words, they saw sales increase and customer loyalty rise by 34% over a year.

What are 1300 Numbers

What are 1300 Numbers

1300 Numbers are a very fast growing trend with Australian businesses.  When businesses are looking to grow, or at least to look bigger than they are, they often get a 1300 number to help their customers communicate with them.  In particular, 1300 numbers that spell phone words have proven to generate more calls from advertising than normal 1300 numbers.  Many researchers report that 1300 phone words can increase response rate by five times.
Reports show that at least 30 of the top 50 companies in Australia today are using 1300 number phone words.  Some great examples which you hear every day on the TV and radio are 1300 PIZZAHUT and 1300 CARPET.

How to find your 1300 number

So what are you waiting for? If you are after a plain 1300 number the best place to search for one is through Telstra.  Telstra 1300 numbers are a great way to offer your customers a low cost, untimed call from most landlines in Australia.  If you are after a 1300 number phone word then the best place to start looking is our suppliers website for 1300 number searches.  With a database of over 5000 1300 numbers you will be sure to find one that suits your business.

Once you have found a 1300 number that suits your needs contact us and our customer service team will help you with the connection.